Thursday, April 25, 2013

Wider than a Postcard

I have a couple pieces in a huge group show at Breeze Block Gallery in Portland OR, opening May 2nd.  Wider than a Postcard is curated by Arrested Motion's Sven Davis and brings together a list of over 200 artists making work based on the traditional postcard format of 4x6 inches. Thematically, the exhibition is based loosely around place and belonging but also serves as a comparative survey of how artists interpret the same brief, giving a unique insight into the varying creative processes of each participant.  With around 400 pieces in the show, I imagine this is going to be a wide spectrum.

The work I've produced for the show is a bit of a departure from my usual oeuvre, literally deconstructing and reassembling small pieces of my history in my hometown of St.Catharines, Ontario.  

The Garden City oil on paper/postcard 2013
St. Catharines oil on paper/oil on paper 2013
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